Baffling case of a lying PM

by Vikram

Gujarat Elections 2017

On December 10, 2017, India’s prime minister, Mr. Narendra Modi, in a public meeting in Palanpur, Gujarat said the following:

“While there are discussions in Pakistan about making Ahmed Patel the Chief Minister, Pakistan’s High Commissioner, its former Foreign Minister, former Prime Minister Manmohan Singh and former Vice President Hamid Ansari met at Mani Shankar Aiyar’s house, and the next day a statement was made that Modi is neech (low-life).”

And this:

“Pakistan Army’s former DG is interfering in Gujarat’s election, on the other, Pakistani people are holding a meeting at Mani Shankar Aiyar’s house. After that meeting, people of Gujarat, backward communities, poor people and Modi were insulted. Don’t you think such events raise doubts.”

These utterances are baffling. As discussed elsewhere, it is unlikely that BJP will lose in Gujarat. People still strongly support Mr. Modi and are not going to abandon BJP in doves. This is why PM’s lies are uncalled for and unnecessary. The PM has alleged that former prime minister of India, Mr Manmohand Singh, and others have been colluding with a hostile country, Pakistan, and hatching plans to destabilize our election process. This is high treason and if true, Mr. Modi should have had these men arrested immediately and launched a nation wide man hunt to nab other suspects. Why hasn’t he done so? Is he OK with Indians colluding with enemies of the state? I doubt Mr. Modi or any India loving person will let treason go unpunished. So the only explanation is that Mr. Modi is lying.

Why is Mr. Modi lying?

There can be only two credible explanations to this question. Either, Mr. Modi and BJP are not confident of a victory in Gujarat, hence resorting to this cheap, yet time tested, political tick of blaming “foreign hands”. Indra Gandhi developed this technique of shirking responsibility and Mr. Modi is simply extending it by adding hints of treason to corner the opposition. It appears, by lying, the PM believes he can get the voters back into BJP stables.

Or, maybe, he is trying to move the conversion away from uncomfortable topics such as the famed yet dubious Gujarat Model, De-monetization, GST, unemployment, rural distress, etc., and de-fang and intimidate the opposition to squeeze in few more votes just in case.

What ever the truth may be, it doesn’t reflect well on the prime minister of a country to lie so blatantly. In a working democracy, he would have been taken to task by the parliament and the judiciary. Alas, this is India and इन्डिया में सब चलता है।

जय हिंद।

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