What are creative people like?

I believe that every human being is creative but with time, due to societal conditioning, creative thinking is numbed down. Creativity is, I believe, about a sense of freedom, naivety, playfulness, exuberance, etc. But society tends to create these rigid boundaries where such attributes are not looked favorably in adults and usually associated with children and adolescents. There is a constant pressure for people to fall in line, do as responsible people do, e.g. take up a career with a future, not be wrong, take things seriously, don’t stand out for doing unusual things or behaviors etc. As we grow up this constant pressure to confirm starts to numb people down. It’s easier to just do the right thing, then to do what one really wants to do. It’s easier to take up that well-paying job then to dive into the unknown and uncertain. Unfortunately most of us are either forced to (or are subdued to) take the road of conformity.

Those who choose not to confirm, life is both heaven and hell. They are both admired and ridiculed. They have to prove themselves throughout their life. Their life choices are carefully scrutinized and attributed to them being creative, whereas the fact is; these are people who are no different from others. Generally everyone would like to be free of spirit and thought but so called creative people are those who are willing to pay the price for it (knowingly or otherwise).

Here’s a thoughtful look at the so called creative people and how they function. Most often we put creative people into the esoteric or odd-ball category without giving much thought on what really goes on within. Here's a nice blog article on the subject by Matthew Schuler. Why Creative People Sometimes Make No Sense