Graduation Day

by Atif

Graduation day or Convocation as it is called in some place, was the event I recently witnessed. Being a student of National Institute of Design, Ahmedabad, India for the past few years I have seen several convocation events here. However, this convocation was different. For the first time I realized that a convocation is more then just a passing out ceremony. For quiet a few parents it the the time to meet their respective bahus or grooms. They may have known their kids would be spouse for ages but this is the time when they actually meet them (in most cases). They also meet the “other” family and this is important, soon they may be exchanging gifts, wishes, dowry etc… you never know.

This year I could see this happening all over the place. X guys parents meeting Y girls parents. Some families approving of each other some not. Some thing like meet the parentsmeet the fockers etc. I like. 🙂

I saw many family unions happening in the hotels and restaurants around the city. Old NIDns taking their, and their extended, families to eating joints they used to throng during college days. The hoteliers also chiped in by praising the would be couples in front of their families which some didn’t like. 😉

Anyway, I just hope we keep on having convocations year after year, I might benifit from it some day… Amen.

Convocation Pictures here and here.

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