Indecent Proposal

by Atif

Now thats the kind of dad I’d love to have as my girlfriend’s father! Though I wonder what would our cultural guardians think if this ad were to be show on Indian tv channels. The last time I heard, they were after some vibrating condoms which they believe is a sex toy and it is against Indian culture to have sex for pleasure. Guess thats the reason we have a billion people in India. The guy would be like… “Darn its against our culture to fuck for fun, can’t not fuck so might as well make a baby and god would be happy too. Bonus!”

Had I been the health minister, I’d rather promote use of condoms any which way possible. But I am not. Hence I shut up and go buy some of those Crezendo’s before they put a ban on it.

Note: Health minister has taken a stand on vibrating condoms. He’s all for them.

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