Last Week Sucked

by Vikram

Last Week Sucked Photo taken by Mayur Karnink.

Last week sucked! In fact the only bright spot last week was a visit to Hyderabad’s famous Gufaa restaurant. I must say they serve some real good food and a really sexy cocktail – Iranian Gulbadan (in some translations it may mean lady with something to do with a rose body/petal/etc but for me translates to – sexy voluptuous lady from Iran). I have a thing for sexy sounding names so be in “mango dolly – the ice cream” or “Iranian Gulbadan” I get hooked. This green thing, this Iranian-Gulbadan thing was awesome.

Anyway, back to my grief. So the week sucked big time. My portable hard disk crashed… yes it did! And all my photos I had shot over the past one year are now held ransom to a $25 data recovery software. If there be god, save me!

As if this was not enough my weekend was ruined completely when my PC died on me! Chey saal ki friendship ek jhatke mein toot gai!

Me & my beloved. happier times.

My beloved has helped me earn my bread and butter, get educated, play games, watch porn and some other things don’t want to discuss. And suddenly it was all over. It died.

I worked on and on to revive it but nothing. My Saturday night beerbaazi ke plans got ruined. Took the dude to the repair shop (great shame) and there it came alive as if nothing was wrong. Humiliated and embarrassed I came home plugged the dude in and boom. Nothing. It was as dead as dead! Sunday went down the drain trying all possible tricks and tips I’ve learned over a decade and a half. Nothing. I change the power supply nothing. I changed cables. Nothing. In fact by the end of the day I had it striped naked but nothing happened. And today, Monday, once again I threw all my pride and dignity aside and called the repair guy to come again. He came; he saw and took my computer away.

When I went to the computer shop to check out things – boom. The moment I entered the shop I knew what was wrong. I replaced the battery and boom it came alive! I still had to pay computer guy four hundred rupees though. I guess this new week has begun on a positive note. Later today I will attempt to retrieve my photo collection too. I hope all goes well. Amen.

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