Gujarat Elections 2017

Some people believe that the renewed enthusiasm of Congress party led by Mr. Rahul Gandhi will produced a surprise Congress victory. And indeed the performance of Congress in the past few months, based on media coverage and positive social media response, indicates that there is some merit to this argument. But I believe BJP will win the elections hands down. Let me quickly enumerate a few reasons.

Ravish Kumar - Listen to him before they kill him too

Ravish Kumar -बीजेपी आने के बाद पूरा सिस्टम Corrupt हो गया, पत्रकार सच्ची बात कहने से डरते है

In this deceptively titled video Ravish Kumar takes down we the views and asks us to speak up. He tells us why we should speak up, even if its in the privacy of our toilet.

A stunning example of oratory! - Mhairi Black

Mhairi Black Full Speech: 'UK is Increasingly Xenophobic, Cruel and Reckless'

A stunning example of oratory!  At the Scottish National Party's conference, Mhairi Black (youngest MP ever in UK) gave a speech calling out the Tories for austerity and made it clear that a second referendum is well on the agenda for the SNP. She is one of the leaders who we’ll hear so much more from. What every may be her politics, I’m moved and thrilled by her oratory. She comes across as passionate, honest, down to earth and wholesomely competent. I am sure she’ll play a central role in UK’s further in the coming decades. 

[NISSAN] Comfortable Seat with Spinal Support

[NISSAN] Comfortable Seat with Spinal Support

If Ford is letting its human factors engineers travel forward in time, Nissan has been sending its into space. The Japanese car maker, together with researchers at Keio University in Japan, have been working on seats designed to reduce driver fatigue, inspired by the position our bodies adopt in weightlessness. In a conventional seat, most of the load is borne by the lumbar region.