by Vikram

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What kind of designer are you?

I am a generalist, people first kind of designer. I make cool stuff. I like to work on projects cutting across domains and I consider this as my biggest asset/strength. I like to implement my own ideas/project and a strong computers/programming background helps a lot. More often then not, I end up being involved in every stage of produce development be it conceptualization, design, prototyping, development and deployment. I offer complete solutions. 😉

OK… so what do you do?

It’s kind of difficult to describe what I do, but there are two main thrusts:New Media – you can understand New Media as an innovative media that generates experiences using all the possible divergent media, expertise and emerging technologies; which in other words means I can create installations, exhibition spaces, multimedia, websites, virtual environments, and much more. Experiential participation and user delight is what it’s all about. Read more here.

Interaction Design – Interaction design is my primary pursuit. It primarily deals with the facilitation of communication between any number of entities. This communication can be between humans, computer to human, computer to computer, etc. Interaction design also acts as a kind of gamekeeper in such communication deciding how the communication takes place, why should it take place, who can interrupt whom, when, etc. In other words, I specialize in the organization and sequencing of information, primarily on a computer screen, in response to user input. User Interface design and a pinch of programming/prototyping fall under this line of work.

So whats your typical day at work like?

A typical day on the job requires me to conceive new product/service ideas, build scenarios and application prototypes (both high and low fidelity), do market and user research, write application specs, guide product interface designs, work with our globally distributed development team to reconcile legacy, performance and usability trade-offs, respond to usability & UI issues exposed during testing, do photography, write VoiceXML code, etc. But the best part of the day is debating, dreaming, demolishing new ideas over lunch!

What are your specialties?

Interaction designNew Media , UCD, usability, design research, highly evolved prototyping and programming skills, and the ability to derive a project and get things done.

What kinda work would you like to do in future?

I look forward to work on/in cross-cultural issues and emerging technologies. I am also keen on exploring voice based interfaces and thats why I am working in VoiceXML & Nuance SGL Grammar these days. I am also very keen on starting a career in professional photography. Being on the ground interacting with real people is what I like best.

Ok? Can I see some of your work?

Sure! Click here to see my portfolio (opens in new window). I can send a CD-ROM compilation of work on request.

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