Religion a divisive force

by Vikram

This is taken from a post I wrote on Facebook group debate: Religion is / has been a divisive force. Always was and will forever be. Our founding fore fathers recognized this and tried to keep it out of polity (eg. the constitution). They firmly believed (at least most of them) that religion is a weapon of mass destruction and partition amply showed this. It is again wake up call to all of us who soft peddle religion saying religion is a great but its usage by some is the problem. Na!

Lets wake up and realize / acknowledge ill-effects of religion are not external but deeply internal to it. Its a wake up call for us to make ills of religion a main stream public discourse. Have you noticed how there are no, not even one, main stream platforms to focus on the ills of religion? No government sanctions such studies let alone encourage these discussions! We’ve left this subject to fringe groups and radicals for too long. This needs to change. Frank public debate will lead to a more congenial environment where we can actually ask people to keep their religion to themselves. Imagine people who are incapable of following unambiguous clearly enunciated traffic rules are expected to practice religion in a non-partisan, moral, honest way, while understanding and avoiding all its ills at the same time. Not gonna happen. Hasn’t happened anywhere yet in history (I’ve been hard at it to find even one instance).

Last time religion was put to scrutiny was way back when. Akbar I think was the one who called this maha assembly of religious and non-religious people to debate on it. Even Ramayana has questioned the whole religion thing in the form of the risi (as usual I forget the name) who confronted Rama after his triumphant return. Even our scriptures have built in agnostic clauses then why are we so closed to scrutiny?

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