Remembering Gujarat : A talk by Prof. Dipankar Gupta

by Vikram

A lovely talk by Prof. Dipankar Gupta on Gujatat and how we may be wrong about the victims of the infamous Gujarat Riots 2002 and how little we know about this phenomenon.

Ten years on the state of Gujarat shows no compassion or remorse, has no social and political processes of reconciliation and continues to subvert justice after the communal carnage in 2002. Though many victims have since found jobs and some kind of roof over their heads, they still live in fear because justice has not been delivered. This has affected their employment avenues as well as the educational choices of their young. It is often believed that those who have suffered violence at the hands of another community, particularly the majority community, would be instinctively drawn towards a rigid adherence to their religion and become captives of fundamentalists. Ahmedabad’s Muslims have so far not given any credible evidence to sustain this line of thought. Interestingly, while the majority community that inflicts pain and devastation often does so in the name of being the legitimate “people” of the country, the minority community reacts in the name of being “citizens”. It is this tension that needs to be paid attention to.

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