Spiderman 3

by Vikram

“We all have a choice…,” or some thing like that. The movie ends with this parental advice from Spiderman. Alas, I didn’t have a choice but you have! After exhausting the novelty of special effects repertoire in Spiderman 1 and appeal of melodrama in Spiderman 2 , the Raimi brothers found themselves with nothing new to offer. Watching Spiderman 3 gives you a feeling of deja-vu, Spiderman does the same old tricks, fight sequences are the usual and to top it off Spiderman suffers from the usual hero’s dilemma, fights with girlfriend and then saves her life, gaaaaa! Having relevant experience one would imagine a calmer demeanor Mary Jane (she’s never called by any nickname or pet name) finds her self being as scared as in Spiderman 1 while hanging from a sky scraper.

Not much of a movie Spiderman 3, I’ve read Spiderman comics with much better plots. The plot is extremely weak, sketchy and incoherent. Some outer space creature follows Spiderman and makes him black i.e. moderately evil. Then suddenly Spiderman gets rid of it. In between he dumps girl friend, becomes a Casanova, becomes bad guy, kills bad guy, bombs his friend etc etc… All this happens with little continuity between the scenes. Baffling.

In the entire Spiderman series none of the characters have any social life what so ever! Mary Jane, Peter Parker, Harry Osborn etc… all of them seem to be social outcasts. No wonder they all have strange personalities. What is amusing is, and it’s true of most of the movies today, that there are no bad guys. The good old days of genuine bad guys is over. Every villain has a compelling reason to do bad things! I so miss “Gabber Singh”, “Frank Booth ”, “Dr. No ”, etc etc… they were good bad guys. There was not a single ounce of good in them. You never felt pity on them folks dieing. Not any more. It is hard to believe that the world has changed so much that there are no villains only good people gone bad. Biblical. I would not like to live in such a world! It would make things so difficult. How then would we be able to justify killing, mass killing, genocides, etc…?

I want my villains bad. I want them blood thirsty, thieving, sniveling, kidnapping, ugly, dirty, loud, laughing, roaring, blackmailing, rapist types. I don’t want to feel guilty for feeling good when a villain is killed…

I am warning you, films like Spiderman are ruining our culture. We should do something about it. We should not watch Spiderman 3 “again”. Waise timepass ke liye okish movie hai.

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