Ravish Kumar - Listen to him before they kill him too

Ravish Kumar -बीजेपी आने के बाद पूरा सिस्टम Corrupt हो गया, पत्रकार सच्ची बात कहने से डरते है

In this deceptively titled video Ravish Kumar takes down we the views and asks us to speak up. He tells us why we should speak up, even if its in the privacy of our toilet.

India crosses the moral line of no return if Narendra Modi becomes prime minister

If you truly believe Modi is innocent, then you are excused. You then only have to reconcile with having a prime minister who is obviously incompetent at maintaining law and order in a nation where Naxals abound and multiple secessionist movements are ongoing. But if you believe he may be guilty of either ordering the riots or not preventing them, then you cannot comfortably ignore that judgment just because it is convenient to your privileged view of India’s future. To do so is nothing less than cowardice.


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