Gujarat Elections 2017

Some people believe that the renewed enthusiasm of Congress party led by Mr. Rahul Gandhi will produced a surprise Congress victory. And indeed the performance of Congress in the past few months, based on media coverage and positive social media response, indicates that there is some merit to this argument. But I believe BJP will win the elections hands down. Let me quickly enumerate a few reasons.

Ravish Kumar - Listen to him before they kill him too

Ravish Kumar -बीजेपी आने के बाद पूरा सिस्टम Corrupt हो गया, पत्रकार सच्ची बात कहने से डरते है

In this deceptively titled video Ravish Kumar takes down we the views and asks us to speak up. He tells us why we should speak up, even if its in the privacy of our toilet.

Modi is coming.... oh the hysteria!

Oh the hysteria on social and traditional media about the eminent advent of Narendra Modi as our next prime minister. Its rather nauscious to see such blind devotion to one man who is extremely tainted and certainly has a dubious character. And the funny bit is that he's the apple of the eye of our full-bellied middle class which has been witnessing unprecedented "progress" for decades now. His supporters are not the hungry or the poor who are desperate for salvation. This is the progressed class looking for even more progress disregarding all and any costs to the essential moral fabric of our country.


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