The Great Wall Of Vagina

by Atif

UK-based sculptor Jamie McCartney has spent the better half of a decade creating hundreds of renderings of female genitalia. In a project titled “The Great Wall of Vagina,” the artist demonstrates not only his ability to craft effective word play, but also his knack for capturing the physical diversity of labia in a 30-foot polyptych. Check out the whole article here.

We in India worshing god Shiv’s ling (penis) every where but, no once can create such an art piece here. You just can’t imagine a wall of Shiv lings being made in India, let alone a wall of vaginas! The artist will be lynched. The irony is ours is such a sexed up county and so prudish at the same time. This is once county which was way ahead of the world in matters of sex and sexuality a few centuries ago and now we are going in the reverse direction. Long ago we made monuments celebrating sexuality and wrote treaties of love. And today, we have become such prudes that we don’t even allow students in art schools to build art sculptures of intimate nature all this in the name of culture. Jai ho.

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