Train Eaters

by Vikram
Train eaters...

I love this! Years ago a friend of mine cribbed (we do it all the time) how people start hogging the moment train starts moving. And it is true.

Recently I was traveling to Ahmedabad and guess what, this family unpacked and started hogging food. The entire compartment was smelling of oils and food and the train hadn’t even stater moving yet!

I couldn’t resist and asked (SMSed) my friend (who was in another compartment) to come and click a picture of this typical scene on Indian railways. I don’t know of other countries, but in India this is THE scene! No matter what unearthly hour the train starts, log train start hote hi charabaazi mein laga jaate hain! Cant these people eat 10 minutes before leaving for the station? I know of once incident, where a huge family actually took out pots,pans, a stove!!! And stated cooking food in a moving train!

My snobbish-burgeois mentality apart, I think I understand this to an extent. For many people, in India, train journey is a picnic. For house wives its one of those rare outings, for husbands they don’t wanna compromise their eating habits, for some its a partially true phobia of out side food, your own food is better for long journey etc… etc… I understand all that… but whats with syncing your hogging schedule with train time table

Having enjoyed generous helpings from my fellow passengers, I love to eat in trains but I am yet to understand the sync-phenomenon!

Photo: Mayur Karnink

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