Why he never went to Page 3 parties…

by Vikram
Page 3 guy cartoon image

For the lack of social skills he preferred sitting in front of his computer, surfing porn, sulking and trolling slashdot , his superior codeing skills and latest gadgets defined his self esteem…, most of his friends were just like him and his biggest regret in life was that affair he had with the girl in his computer coaching. He had taught her so much, did her assignments, gave her gifts, though of making love to her some day, felt guilty for thinking of her naked body. Yeah he was in love alright. But suddenly one day, as usual, she closed the door on him, since all men are created equal, she chose to marry the richer one. That was 10 years ago, he still hasn’t forgotten her smile, her smell, the warmth of the seat where she had just sat, the softness of her skin which he never touched.

Since then, he hates all the women. And hates them more for ignoring him, laughing at him, and even making fun of his superior coding skills! Bitches. Long ago, he experienced a surge

in female attention when he bought the new iPod . But that was short lived. However, now he is addicted to those attention surges and craves for any new gadget that the market pukes out.

The other day I asked him to come to a party with me, “Fucking page 3 parties, raands getting drunk and fucking around. Mujhe nahin aana hai… its against Indian culture“, he said. I told him its a private party. “Private ho ya public, mujhe nahin aana, I don’t like dancing and I don’t know any one and I don’t want to know any one, and I am happy single“.


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