Ice Maiden v/s Hot Cup Cake

by Vikram

Photo by: PlingeSo the other day I was chatting with a friend of mine who calls herself, “Ice Maiden”, because she thinks she’s cold etc… as if every one is dripping with warmth etc… Duh!

So anyway, while talking to her I thought, given the choice, who would I try to kiss… Ice Maiden’s or Hot Cup Cake’s of the world? For me the choice is obvious. I’d prefer taking my chances with an Ice Maiden rather then a “hot cup cake” babe. With Ice maiden I’d get an ice cold stare, at most, but there is more then a slim chance that a “hot cup cake” would offer a red hot slap.

Now did I fail to mention I have a pathetic record picking out Ice Maiden’s from Hot Cup cakes… 🙁

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