About Me

by Vikram

Photo of Vikram Singh

I am a user experience design leader living in Greater Vancouver Area, Canada. I provide design leadership to startups and enterprises, helping them setup and institutionalize UX processes and practices.

Over the past decade and a half, I have worked with business leaders, distributed teams, SMEs, etc., helping them refine, define and formulate design strategies for their digital and industrial products. This involves, looking at business models and objectives, user needs, technology landscape and then crafting an appropriate solution which fits the context and platform to solve specific business problems.

I specialize in UX design, enterprise UX and design thinking. I am a firm believer of “learning by doing” and have a hands on approach to design and design process.

I like to work on projects cutting across domains and I consider this as my biggest asset/strength. My passion for photography gives acute observational and perceptive insights which helps me do my work better. Being in the field working with real people is what I like best.

Specialities: I solve problems and get things done.

I was trained as a New Media designer and I used to be a competent s/w developer as I majored in windows network programming. On this page you will find some basic facts and figures about me. Feel free to explore rest of the site too.

Language known
Hindi – Native language, I am excellent in reading and writing Hindi
Urdu – Native Language, I am good at reading, writing and speaking
English – I am excellent in reading and writing & speaking in English
Arabic – Reading, Writing

Educational Institutes attended
National Institute of Design, Ahmedabad – New Media Design, 2005
Hamdard University , New Delhi – Bachelor of Information Technology, 2002

https://instagram.com/photobaaz.in (photography)
https://flickr.com/photos/hpk/ (photography)