IPL fucks the nation… [again]

by Vikram

As if, destroying cricket, cricketrs and busineses was not enough, IPL fucks the nation once again. Probably they are getting back at us for not cooperating with them in hosting IPL-II as we were too busy electing our new rulers etc. Perhaps its Lalit Modi’s way of saying ‘Fuck you India!’. 

I don’t see no reason for humiliating cricketers like they were during the IPL player auction. I mean Modi literally eats, shits and dies with the franchieses. Its hard to believe he didn’t know that no one will buy Pakistani players. And its even harderd to believe that the IPL gang didn’t know the political impact of such a fiasco. They are politicians running the show. Now IPL is sitting pretty and the country is fielding unnecessary sir-dard due to these assholes. 

One could forget what they did had they been an innocous organization. But BCCI aka IPL are an evil organization whish is entent to kill all forms of circket just to facilitate IPL/T20 interest. They want to kill Test crickets because its too long and dosen’t fetches much money. They field advertiser/sponsor backed players in the teams disregarding merit. They let advertisers/sponsors decided what kind of pitches to be made for matches. The situation is, if you offer enough moeny they will willingly drop Sachin or Dhoni from the team saying, blok’s too old we need to think for the future etc. And they don’t like paying taxes either. They ruthlessly kill competion (ICL and ICL players are pariah in the cricketing world). 

Its time this non government, unofficial orgainzation is reined in and made accountable. And organization that spends less then 10% of its revenues on promotion of criecket is just like our hockey federation in disguise. They need to be reined it. Cricket is too important to be left to Lalit Modi and Gang. We love cricket and don’t want it go down the drain.

The least we can do is to make them pay proper taxes and disclose their accounting. Amen.

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