Make films not cars

by Vikram

Source: OK/Cancel (excellent website for UX humor)

Though, India has had a rich design culture and we’ve had a design institute for more then 40 years now. For what ever reasons, design in India means NIFT and fashion design. The image of a gay man passionately talking about the fashion scene, gesticulating strangely with hands etc., is firmly stuck in our national psyche. Although, hot babes, dudes, politicians and intellectual looking old men also come close.

So how does it affect us designers? Well, it puts us on the back foot. Not too many of us can explain to a lay man what we do as designers. From business analyst to painter/artist. This is how people understand us. Though a lot is being done, big dudes throw lots of conferences/parties and bigger dudes talk about “design local, talk global”, “talk local, design global”, design for the masses, etc. etc., in these conferences/parties. But the scene still remains pathetic.

And it will remain so. People are not interested in what cool things we do! Cool things are associated with companies and individuals. I say, we need to take back the fight to the media. Media has scewed the image of us designer and only media can bring us back to the main stream. We need to bribe media, film makers, to project a better image of us! I mean not even half of us designers are gay, and not all female designers are whores and/or lesbians ready to hop into beds! People give us a break!

So we need to bribe media, make films in which the designer hero fights ugly villans. Films where sexy heroin is an industrial designer and the hunk hero is a toy designer. Ads where an old couple (who were designers once) sing – Na sar jhuka hai kabhi na sar jhuka einge… (ICICI Prudential i think).

This is what we need to do. The profession of design needs to shed its exclusive, hi-browed image and project itself as a viable career option for the masses. People who hold conference about starting design culture in India should look into our past. We are a nation of designers, we just didn’t know about it! We can move mountains, and no one will care. We need to make films and ads and tell the world how cool and normal we are.

Design is normal. Designers are normal. We are not gay (not all of us at least)! Amen.

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