Best time to leave your boy friend…

by Vikram
When to leave your boy friend

Over the years I have come to believe the right time to leave your boy friend is when he starts whining phrases like “you are my strength, inspiration etc”. More often then not these words are followed/preceded by constant badgering on the phone, more then frequent house calls, and emotional black mail and in extreme cases abusive behavior. This is the time when you should start paying attention to your long suppressed inner voice which had been saying – I’ve had enough!

Nothing is as irritating as getting call after call from “that swine“ when you are enjoying “sex on the beach” + “Srilankan fish deep fried in banana leaves” with your date the new cool dude. You are in an awkward position, don’t want to be rude and the swine is not listening to your polite, I’ll call you later or I can’t talk now or I am a little busy and the dude sitting opposite is wondering whats happening. And then you put down the phone flustered/annoyed/guilt-ed/etc and the new cool dude asks – who was it? And you get into this dilemma, shall I say my X (na too early), an old friend (how will I explain my reaction), a crank caller (how will I explain I’ll call you later), my brother (won’t hold), father (same), mother (can never work)… No. No matter what you say, the new cool dude will know. And then you get that condescending talk – Oh I know how it feels like etc…

What’s the point of it all? Are bhai kyun itna sir dard lena? Dump him at the first sign of whining… After all, you don’t want to be with some one who soaks his strength, inspiration, etc from you! What happens when you run out of supply???

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