but people are assholes…

by Vikram

people are asshole cartoon image

including me of course.

…but what if
…but how can you
…but we can’t
…but where will we
…but why
…but is it possible

and so on… This is our usual response when we are presented and idea or a suggestion or any thing. It always starts with the negative. I guess we are hard wired to be negative. Instead of concentrating on the merits of the idea, we begin trying to find faults in it. For example, if you say, “education should be free for all”. Immediately people will start asking questions like:

but won’t it create a big dent in our GDP?
but where will we the money come from?
but who will manage this?
but what about the infrastructure?
but who will decide what to teach?
but politicians will use this as a campaigning point.

and so one… assholes people generally concentrate on pulling the idea down instead of working to achieve the goal. I don’t know if this is a cultural thing but when I talk to people belonging to other countries, firangs as we know them in India, they approach to such situations in a more positive way. They’d be like, “Now we gotta get this done, lets see what are the bottle necks… and how can we remove them.” This is so refreshing then our desi conversations. I admit I do this often enough but this should change. This is one area I would love to see us Indians imitate the west. Amen.

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