Patriotism 101

by Vikram

So the other we celebrated the 60th anniversary of our independence (August 15th). I am glad to see even the rich and upper middle class people are now proud to be Indian etc. They even show a TV ad in which the guy refuses a foreign companies offer, goes around driving a bike, etc… pretty cool.

So anyway, I myself am not upto the mark on the patriotic meter, at least not by our Indian Nazi standards, but I do have a small list of patriotic-to-do-list which I try to-do from time to time. So no wanting to keep away from the prevailing hurrah of our 60th independence anniversary I hear by share my list:

  • – Be nice
  • – Be honest
  • – Be on time (I wish…)
  • – Save electricity
  • – Save oil
  • – Save water
  • – Save food
  • – Vote
  • – Use Right to Information (RTI 2005)
  • – Follow traffic rules
  • – Don’t pay beggars
  • – Deliver value for money
  • – Avoid littering public places
  • – Not be a Nazi (Hindu/Muslim/certainly not Christian/etc/etc/whatever/etc…)

Having a list doesn’t mean I follow all the above, but I try.

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