Revolution from Above : India’s Future & the Citizen Elite

by Vikram

While I don’t agree with the Citizen Elite construct due to the connotations brought in by the work ‘elite’, I do believe there is a lot to learn from this talk. Quiet and invigorating talk by Prof. Dipankar Gupta. The concept in principal means at any given time in history, change is brought about be a single or a group of elite individuals who believe in an elite idea and go against all odd to change the course of history. Prof. Dipankar argues that people like Gandhi, Ambedker, Nehru, etc., where elite citizen who were not bound by the usual constraints as ordinary citizens and brought about change for which they had absolute conviction.  Listen to the talk and decide for your self. I for some reason am not entirely convinced and have my reservations about the ‘Citizen Elite’ concept.

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