Area Man Denied Gym Membership

by Vikram

Area Man Denied Gym Membership, originally uploaded by hpk. According to latest reports area man Jamil Ahmed (name changed) was denied membership to the local gym (name with held). Jamil accused that he was asked to produce recommendations from a respected member of the society before he would be allowed to pump iron along with the local hunks. Things grew ugly when Jamil, who is an actor by profession and has been a resident of the society (name withheld) since birth, was again denied membership when he produced verbal recommendation from a respected member of the society. Jamil was asked by Gokul das, gym proprietor, to get written recommendation from a respectable member of the society. Anahita, a budding actress and a regular member of the gym, testified “I don’t know what the fuss is about, Gokul uncle was so nice with me, no really”. Another member, only identified as aunty lobo, said, “I’ve know Jamil since he was a kid. He’s as ordinary as they come. No idea why they don’t want him there.”However, Unmesh shukla, another society resident questioned Jamil’s sudden interest in the gym. He said, “I’ve seen the boy since he was a kid, he never showed any interest in body building activities, but off late, he’s been coming late at night, dressing up, and acting all religious and stuff. This is not normal behavior and we must investigate.”Society chairman, Mr. Bansal Suri, categorically denied the rumors that Jamil’s tenant agreement would be revoked and said, “So far we have no reasons to ask Jamil to leave the society. The gyms decision while unfortunate must be looked into in its entirety. After all, they must have has a reason to deny membership.”

Gym authorities were unavailable for comment when contacted.

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