Freedom of Privacy

by Vikram


I don’t think we have freedom of privacy any more. From the nosy neighbour, to the gatekeeper, to the electrician, all the way up to the governments (both native and foreign), even one is trying to know every thing about us. They don’t just want to know every thing about us, they want to categorize and classify what we are, what we are, what we stand for, our political colors, our racial biases, or sexual preferences, our relataion ships etc., etc., etc., they want to know it all.

Remember, even as young kids we used t0 sensor (or hide) some of what we told them about our day in school. Usually we told more to our mother then father. We made those judgement calls even as kids. Those small descisions of not to tell a particular thing to our parent was part of a freedom that we exercised. And remember when

They who have put out
the peoples eyes
reproach them
of their blindness

– John Milton

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