– Make Every Fan Count!

by Vikram

Project URL: is a social media project aimed to help people / SMEs to manage their Facebook presence better with a bit of automation magic. helps people discover curated content that they can either post themselves or ask to post on their pages at appropriate times. This is a completly free too. notes for Maya Studios / Project Breif

Product Goals

  • Integrates itself into daily workflow of SMEs to manage FB Pages – drives payment
  • Complements Facebook’s own insights and suggestions for Page engagement
  • Demonstrates expertise on FB platform to woo Partners


  • Staging URL –
  • Live URL –

Press Release for launch

User Flows / Sitemaps

Two flowcharts include rough sitemap and user flow through website. Treat this as a draft and not necessarily final implementation.

Related product: CScore (ConversationScore)

Measures Page performance based on interactions, shares, virality and activity. Score (out of 100) is calculated daily. Like other scoring metrics (Klout, PeerIndex, etc.), it provides a common playing field to compare Pages and competitors as well as providing an overview of Page performance.

CScore should be treated as a separate product, which is integrated into Pages on via an internal API. Draft mockups included.

Project Images

Project Files

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