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by Vikram

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The Brief

An application that allows a brand to control their social media pages from one platform. Unlike other such platforms, Socially Moo will teach you how to control your social media skills in a fun and professional manner and how one can get ahead of the game due to the various features that will be available. Due to the fact that these features will help one navigate the social media world more easily the clients one targets will have better access to the products and brands (in other words will be more approachable and accessible). Socially Moo will have a feature which will assess brands quantitative and qualitative characters on the social media platform and will provide with the necessary means to accelerate the growth of numbers from A-B. There will be constant analysis of numbers taking place here. Socially Moo will help you and your brand grow in the professional world and will make sure you take each and every advantage possible to enrich through social media.

Are You Socially Moo? (from the client)

A group of young, dedicated pioneers have made it their sole mission to help people like you and me have easier access to social media. Their main objective is to help you navigate and gain as much as you can from the social world. With various updates, statistical analysis your are sure to be one step ahead by being Socially Moo.

What is Socially Moo? (from the client)

Social media is a means to communicate to clients through the usage of the internet and other technologies which are mobile for various interactive dialogues. A way to tell the world what you are about and what you stand for. Thus, Socially Moo helps you to get your voice across to a larger audience.

Socially Moo is? (from the client)

A platform that allows every brand and community to step up  and stay ahead in the game of social media.   A platform that will give you insights and help you gain the most you can from the world of social media.

The Crew (from the client)

Ajesh Shah and Kumar Jhuremalani, both creative, innovative and young have decided to put forth this project with much gusto. Knowing all the nitty-gritties of the social world there is to know, they are the brains behind your social media upliftment.

More questions to the client

Questions about you/moo….

1. What does Socially Moo mean to you?

Socially Moo is the solution to everyone’s problems related to social media marketing. It will help anybody and everybody, right from school/college kids wanting to promote their festivals on social media, NGOs wanting to make a mark on social media, Digital Marketing Agencies that often get lost in the chaos of social media, right to the modern day CEOs of fortune 500 companies who want to interact with people via social media. Thanks to Socially Moo, all of these groups of people needn’t spend hours and days trying to figure out social media, we help them-help themselves J 

2. Where did the idea generate from/what inspired you?

When you are handling multiple clients in the social media marketing agency, there comes a point where one realizes that their demands and expectations are not really hard, we just need an organized system that ensures that things don’t slip off the plate. We are human after all, and mistakes will be made, maybe a thumbnail image wasn’t changed in time for a particular campaign, or there was a spelling error somehow. All this is caused due to managing too many things by a single person. The time came, when we put our foot down, and realized that there should be an easier way to do these easy tasks. That’s when we decided it’s time to create something new, something that people haven’t really thought about, but at the same time, it had to be something that would help everybody, and out came the idea of Cats that Moo 

3. In five years’ time where did you see Socially Moo?

I’m hoping that Socially Moo changes the way people look at social media, not only in the marketing sense, but in overall usage. At the same time, with the way social media is changing, it’s not going to be the same 6 months down the line either. To be straight, 2 years down the line, I’m hoping Socially Moo gets adopted as Web 3.0 ^_^

4. How would you describe yourself in terms of being Socially Moo/even general description bout self-concerning technology and social media will do.

Personally, I’m a gamer and in particular I play MMORPGs (Massively Multiplayer Online Role Playing Games) wherein the whole point is to be a different character, but at the same time blend in with the community. I have even worked in the online gaming industry to handle such game communities. I’ve taken those experiences, as well, and helped shape what Socially Moo has now become. Along with social media trends and news, I keep myself informed about the latest technology, including gadgets, automobiles, and computer equipment.

Technology is ever changing, be it hardware, software and even the web. The switch to Web 2.0 hasn’t happened completely all over the world, but at the same time technology has been moving at crazy speeds. Look at smartphones, you purchase a particular model, thinking it’s the latest and it has all the features and looks the coolest, and within a year it’s already outdated. It’s the same trends with Social Media and keeping me informed about its ever changing nature is a must.

5. Why Socially Moo?

Don’t get this question… is it about the name?

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