Stand By Me Around The World

by Vikram

Great songs unite. Christmas Mubaraq & Happy New Year! Stand By Me.

I hope, in the coming year we become better human beings, especially better Indians. I hope we would give up the temptation of superiority/persecution in the name of race, cast, creed, language, religion, region, numbers et. al. I hope we’ll be honest to our selves, our government, our job and our children. I hope we’ll try to be such good people that the politicians, who emerge from with in us, will be what we want them to be – honest, upright, hard working role models. I hope this year, we’ll try to find out the number of states there in the North East and who are those Chinese looking people in Ladakh or what more voter turn out in Jammu & Kashmir really means. I hope this year we’ll be “equally” outraged for people being killed any where in India. I hope we’ll try to find out more about ourselves and our country and reach out to people who lie beyond television coverage. I hope this year, we’ll stand by each other in the letter & spirit of our constitution. Amen.

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